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Introducing ALM Octane - for speed, quality, scale

Manage quality and test management of complex application portfolios at enterprise scale,
within a hybrid application development environment.

Offering visibility and traceability across the application development lifecycle,
with a single source of truth for enterprise governance and compliance.

As businesses demand agile portfolio management, Plan/Build/Test/Track to application releases,
without the management complexity or hidden costs.

Make better decisions with an integrated, open management platform for all lifecycle artifacts

Plan for the Agile Enterprise

Quickly capture and prioritize requirements for projects with agnostic support for hybrid development methodologies

Building Quality into Code

Trace and integrate code changes continuously into the application development tool chain

Test for Continuous Release

Accelerate automated testing for continuous application quality at enterprise scale

Track to Enterprise Ready projects

Complete traceability across the application lifecycle, driven by quality metrics from requirements to release
  • With unlimited layers of hierarchy, enjoy the flexibility to create freeform requirements and business definitions in clear word syntax.

  • Easily create Epics, Features, and User Stories in the Backlog. Assess the status of your project quickly, within context, and access the right data to make the correct decisions.

  • Through integrated agile user stories and backlog management features, teams can quickly document business needs and map them to supporting artifacts in the software development lifecycle, such as defects or tests.

  • Author tests manually, or use the Gherkin BDD framework for easy conversion to automated scripts. Whether you’re testing within a continuous integration pipeline or on the fly, you can view the aggregated quality of your entire application.

  • ALM Octane integrates directly into your continuous integration server and build environment, so you can quickly view release and quality pipelines. As new or regression tests are created you can easily adjust to changing validations.

  • The dashboard, with its customizable reports and graphs, is the control center for analysis of your application’s development and quality, helping you identify issues and stay on top of critical items.


With unlimited layers of hierarchy, enjoy the flexibility to create freeform requirements and business definitions in clear word syntax.

Try Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Octane for free
Start planning, executing, and tracking agile and non-agile projects alike with a centralized application lifecycle management system.
  • Integrated and open management framework for all core, lifecycle artifacts
  • Teams can easily share and re-use assets
  • Tightly integrated quality, ensuring teams address issues sooner
  • Build with a DevOps design center – enabling continuous process and pipeline management
  • Integrate with other Micro Focus and open source tools
  • Connects into the team’s existing build processes