Big Data for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Big Data Healthcare Solutions

Big Data for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Big Data for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Software that improves patient outcome, accelerates innovations, mitigates risks and reduces costs and inefficiencies in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Webcast: Hear How Big Data Analytics is Used to Detect Healthcare Fraud

Listen in to our recorded webcast featuring Dana Gardner, a leading IT industry analyst at Interarbor Solutions, as he interviews Jim Snyder, Chief Technology Officer at 21CT, a leading healthcare software provider and HPE Vertica customer. Don't miss this compelling discussion on identifying risk in healthcare leading to easier, faster, actionable findings.

Get the Big Picture from Big Data

HPE Big Data solutions help healthcare and life sciences organizations drive better decisions faster through information governance, management, and analytics. Easily visualize and explore comprehensive, actionable insights from diverse data in scattered silos; and leverage sophisticated pattern-matching techniques and probabilistic modeling to understand structured, semi-structured and unstructured digital information, and curated taxonomies including SNOMED CT.

Key Benefits

  • Implement effective regulatory compliance to manage growing regulatory and legal scrutiny
  • Integrated with industry standard health information systems through built-in ICD (International Classification for Disease) coding
  • Conceptual search to navigate free-form clinical notes with surgical precision. Semantic processing is powered by clinical ontologies and mappings which work across both structured and unstructured content
  • Allow more sensitive surveillance and efficient chart abstraction, enabling better vigilance for hospital-acquired conditions
  • Identify high-risk populations and parameters through identification of relationships in data
  • Accelerate functions such as computer-assisted chart review, cohort generation, cohort comparisons, graphical knowledge discovery, data-extract capabilities, and more
  • Connect quickly to more than 700 source systems with out-of-the-box connectors, streamlining and accelerating data integration to standard healthcare information systems, in-house data warehouses and other related clinical, operational and financial data sources
  • Increase mobile workforce productivity without compromising on compliance , security, and data protection needs
  • Catalogue and analyze data through information governance in real-time, regardless of how it is organized or managed, including connecting relevant data repositories of structured or unstructured information
  • Quickly identify relevant information, from creation to disposal, ensuring authenticity, integrity and reliability of corporate record for specific uses such as regulatory response

ESG Solution Showcase: Information Governance Considerations in the Life Sciences Industry

Translating compliance and information governance concepts into actionable strategies can be challenging for life sciences organizations. But it is definitely a priority. Facing the challenge involves following a phased approach encompassing communication, a degree of “cultural evolution,” and of course, leveraging good technology. Learn more in this report by Enterprise Strategy Group.

(PDF 654KB)

Managing Life Sciences Information with Proactive Governance

In life sciences, the accuracy and integrity of data can mean the difference between success and failure. Complicated by the explosion of big data, it’s important to manage all your data consistently and ensure controls are correctly applied throughout the entire data lifecycle. Learn how HPE addresses these challenges in this brochure.

(PDF 351 KB)

Reduce Hospital Costs, Increase Satisfaction with Healthcare Analytics Rapid Deploy

Powered by core Big Data engines, the HPE Healthcare Analytics Rapid Deploy Solution is a purpose-built, customizable blueprint that can be quickly launched at a fraction of the cost of a traditional built-from-scratch Big Data healthcare analytics solution to address specific use cases that help you be more effective.

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Case study

Poole Hospital Reduces Backup Window by 85 Percent


(PDF 493 KB)

Analyst report

ESG Showcase: Information Governance Considerations in Life Sciences


(PDF 654KB )

Case study

Data Protector Protects RelayHealth's Business for Over 15 Years


(PDF 595 KB)

Case study

White River Health System Increases Backup Reliability


(PDF 696 KB)

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