Hybrid Cloud and Automation Services

Hybrid Cloud Services

Any Cloud, Any Environment, Any Technology for Any Application

It's time for a unified, open, no-limits hybrid cloud, and HPE Software Services can help you build a fit-for-purpose, DevOps-friendly, Broker-ready hybrid cloud management platform so you can build service marketplaces, handle security, compliance, governance and reporting.

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Match the Pace of your Business with Agile, Hybrid Service Delivery

Your business is asking you for agility, innovation and easy to use, low cost services. You know hybrid cloud is the answer, but you also know you need the capabilities to manage it end-to-end. HPE Software Services can help you define your cloud strategy, optimize with automation, build and broker cloud service and manage your hybrid. Our experience and expert services will enable you to:

  • Improve agility, responsiveness and efficiency
  • Transform IT service delivery and accelerate innovation
  • Enable DevOps and continuous delivery
  • Place workloads in any environment to maximize ROI

It’s a Challenging Hybrid World

The single cloud now a hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystem. 81% agree end-to-end visibility is critical to operating, yet thorough hybrid cloud management is often overlooked, and 56% indicate traditional IT tools fail to meet the requirements. Are you set up to succeed?

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See Our Hybrid Cloud Management Platform in Action

Hybrid Cloud Management means managing the entire cloud lifecycle: from design, through workload provisioning, to operations (e.g. monitoring, finance, change, configuration). The Cloud Model Office shows Hybrid Cloud Management in action.

(2 Minutes)

4 Keys for Successful Hybrid Cloud: Gartner Report

Successful companies using hybrid cloud computing have demonstrated competence in virtualization, standardization, automation and instrumentation. This research explores the capabilities in each area, and how they can be achieved.

Run IT Like a Business

Cloud is changing the economic model of IT. Enterprise IT now operates in what is effectively an open marketplace. To successfully compete, IT must ensure that it creates value by becoming a service broker. See what this model looks like and what IT should do to get there.

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Featured Cloud and Automation Services

Featured Cloud and Automation Services 

Hybrid Cloud Management Foundation
Accelerate your private and hybrid cloud design and deployment.

(PDF 183 KB)Learn More

Automation as-a-service
Comprehensive IT automation capabilities delivered in a flexible, consumption or outcome based commercial model.

(PDF 140 KB) Learn More

Orchestrated Data Center services
Unlock the potential of your data center with task automation, process orchestration, and cloud-based service delivery.

(PDF 243 KB)Learn More

Solution Discovery Workshop for Cloud
Achieve your desired maturity state with a comprehensive and actionable set of recommendations, and a defined roadmap.

(PDF 147 KB)Learn More

Solution Discovery Workshop for Automation
Assess your maturity and create a roadmap to increase it.

(PDF 237 KB)Learn More

Your roadmap for successful SAP orchestration in the digital age.

(PDF 167 KB)Learn More

Operations Orchestration Advanced Service
Automate sophisticated IT process flows such as IT service request fulfilment, closed loop incident processing, and change request management.

(PDF 200 KB)Learn More

Operations Orchestration Foundation Service
Start automating IT process workflows with a rapid deployment service.

(PDF 121 KB)Learn More

Server Automation Advanced Service
Automate end-to-end IT tasks such as patch management, compliance management, and OS and application provisioning.

(PDF 153 KB)Learn More

Server Automation Foundation Service
Start automating OS compliance, patching, and provisioning with a rapid deployment service.

(PDF 119KB)Learn More

Database Middleware Automation Foundation Service
Start automating DB maintenance, patching, and provisioning with a rapid deployment service.

(PDF 121KB)Learn More




HPE Software Professional Services: Automation Across the Enterprise

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Cloud Services Lifecycle

(PDF 208 KB)

White paper

Cloud Service Monitoring
(PDF 226KB)

White paper

Cloud Service Design
(PDF 294KB)

White paper

From futile to agile
(PDF 165KB)

White paper

Succeed in the cloud with service lifecycle management
(PDF 139KB)

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