Operations Bridge Integrations

Operations Bridge Integrations

Operations Bridge Integrations -why

Operations Bridge Integrations

Operations Bridge integrations that extend management across 110+ cloud, application and infrastructure domains, and 3rd party management tools to create a strong foundation for unified management of your IT landscape.

Key Features

Automated Discovery

Automatically conduct continuous discovery of domain-specific configuration and populate topology information reported to the RtSM instance used by the OMI management server.

Automated Monitoring

Automatically monitor the new elements in each instance as and when they are discovered. Let domain-specific subject matter experts access and change monitoring parameters without engaging IT.

Correlation Rules

Domain-specific topology-based event correlation rules enhance those used by the Operations Bridge to accelerate time to value and help isolate root cause from symptoms.

Cross-domain IT Reporting

Domain-specific and cross-domain report packs for Operations Bridge Reporter.

Enrich Operations Bridge with Management Packs


Data sheet

Innovate Business Through a Single Pane of Glass

(PDF 653 KB)

Trial software

HP Operations OS Instance 12 Trial SW E-Media

Data sheet

One View for Multiple Domains and Metrics

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OMi Training Schedule

Trial software

HPE Operations Manager i 10 Trial SW E-Media


Making Business Buzz at Vancity with OMi 10

(Webinar 72 minutes)


Merge Disparate Systems to a “Single Pane of Glass"

(Webinar 67 minutes)

Trial software

HPE Operations Bridge Management Pack OS Instance 2016.06 Trial SW E-Media

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