Project and Portfolio Management - PPM


Value-driven Portfolio Management

PPM software to provide the real-time information you need to standardize, manage, and record your projects.

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    Visibility into real-time portfolio Investments and IT costs in various dimensions to enable decisions that will provide business results when delivering in a Hybrid (Legacy & Agile) portfolio.



    HPE PPM improves PMO governance, execution and optimizes the value your PMO delivers to its business while reducing risk.



    PPM balances the resource supply, giving full visibility and control over resource demand while allowing you to effectively measure resources from top-down planning through bottom-up execution .



    Powerful and flexible workflow enabling you to define and manage your own processes.


    Agile at scale: Integrated project management and process control to reduce the number of project schedule and budget overruns, thereby reducing the risks and costs associated with failed projects, including agile projects.




Visibility into real-time portfolio Investments and IT costs in various dimensions to enable decisions that will provide business results when delivering in a Hybrid (Legacy & Agile) portfolio.


IDC MarketScape – 2016 IT PPM Vendor Assessment

High-quality, well-performing, secure software drives business innovation. Read this IDC vendor assessment excerpt to learn the key strategies for enterprise IT PPM success, and which vendors are most likely to help you achieve them.

PPM Solutions

Today's project management organization (PMO) struggles with time, cost, and resource management challenges, particularly visibility and data consolidation within the enterprise portfolio. Given these daily challenges, it is difficult for executives to see which projects and operational activities they should be working on to find out how much is left in their budget, to what capacity are resources being utilized, and how to align activities with business demands.

HPE's innovative PPM solution helps executives overcome all challenges by providing critical information in real-time to help PMO makes the right investment decisions by standardizing, managing, and capturing the execution of project and operational activities and resources.


What's new in PPM

Deliver Your Business Outcomes, Consistently

Be able to standardize, manage, and capture the execution of your project resources and operational activities in real time. Learn why HPE Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) provides the critical information needed to help you make the right investment decisions.

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HPE Project and Portfolio Management Center delivers consistent business outcomes

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Gain visibility and control of resources

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Yapi Kredi Bank drives predictive analysis with HPE PPM

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Make Smart Portfolio Investment Decisions

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Get insights into your financial investment

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How a 350-year-old Company Runs a State-of-the-Art Project

Case study

Faster time to Market for Smart Communications

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Achieve real-time project visibility

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Consolidate and effectively prioritize your business demands

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Case study

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