StormRunner Load

StormRunner Load

Cloud Based Performance Testing

Simple, Smart, and Scalable load testing solution for developers, testers, and performance engineers.

Key Features


Design & create mobile and web load test in minutes for easy cloud-based testing without the need to schedule, deploy, and manage load generators. Create test scripts in the browser using HPE’s patented TruClient technology, an innovative scripting tool based on node.js. StormRunner supports LoadRunner Web, Performance Center, Web Services, Flex, Mobile and TruClient protocols or you can simply upload from REST call, HAR file, CSV or import JMeter scripts.


Detect problems fast. Emulate and test real-world network conditions with Network Virtualization to get accurate and repeatable results. Enjoy a comprehensive root cause, trending and regression analysis as well as the intelligent and predictive analytics for a holistic client, network, and server side breakdown report. StormRunner integrates with Jenkins, Gatling, Dynatrace, New Relic, Docker, AWS Code Pipeline and much more.


Scale from 1 tester to 1,000,000 or more geographically distributed web and mobile users, add or remove them during runs.


    StormRunner Load initializes on demand load generation machines in the private or public cloud.



    An intuitive dashboard provides complete, real-time network breakdown to isolate and remediate application performance bottlenecks.



    NV Analytics report analyzes the transaction response times and provides you optimization steps to fix performance issues.



    Create real-world scenario by generating load from global cloud regions to emulate real networks during load tests



    A sample TruAPI script written in Node.js using your own IDE allows you to code your performance test with your favorite tools.




StormRunner Load initializes on demand load generation machines in the private or public cloud.


(Performance) Testing and Education

Danish universities needed their new browser-based exam app for students to work flawlessly from day 1. StormRunner made the grade. Learn how.

(PDF 498 KB)


Code-Based Performance Testing

How do you fit performance testing in the ever-accelerating development cycles and make sure it’s part of your CI/CD? Even if you’re already using Agile methods to “shift left” and start the testing process earlier, it’s still challenging to build performance testing into the deployment pipeline.

(PDF 308 KB)

Mobile App Load Testing with HPE StormRunner Load

See how to plan, run, and scale mobile application testing with HPE StormRunner Load.

(4:38 Minutes)

Load Testing from the Cloud

When it comes to navigating the many challenges of web and mobile performance testing, not all cloud load testing solutions are created equal.

(PDF 892 KB)

Agile Performance Testing in the Cloud for Web & Mobile Apps

Make it easy to plan, run, and scale your testing for web and mobile apps. Read this brochure to see how you can deliver high quality projects faster and make load testing a natural fit into your agile development.

(PDF 1.26 MB)

StormRunner 2.7 Just Released!

Learn more about newly added features.

Learn More

Performance Testing available on AWS Marketplace

Learn how by using AWS and HPE StormRunner Load, one of our customers was able to reduce support cases by 40 percent and identify performance degradation much earlier in the product lifecycle.

Load Testing in 2017



Ten SaaS Security questions to consider when adopting ADM


(PDF 1 MB)

View All

Learn How to Use SRL for Web Performance Testing


StormRunner Load and Dynatrace Integration


(1:39 Minutes)


Cross-Browser Testing


(1:50 Minutes)


Discover the Dark Side of Your Apps


(PDF 2.25 MB)


Front-end Performance with StormRunner Load


(2:11 Minutes)

White paper

Efficient and Effective Anomaly Detection in Load Testing with StormRunner Load


(PDF 1.74 MB)

Solution Overview

HPE StormRunner Load


(PDF 1.56 MB)


Plan, Run, and Scale Mobile Performance Testing


(4:38 Minutes)

Analysis Report

Get a Custom Virtualization Analysis Report Now

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