Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid Cloud Management

Any Cloud, Any Environment, Any Technology for Any Application

Beyond just a hybrid cloud management software platform, HPE Hybrid Cloud Management delivers and manages a full spectrum of hybrid and multi-cloud environments to accelerate your application innovations.

Hybrid Cloud Management Suite Overview

Learn how Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management provides DevOps-driven hybrid and multi-cloud management that enables you to accelerate application release using any cloud, container or infrastructure.

Making the Move to Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise IT teams are moving toward hybrid cloud solutions to accelerate delivery and improve efficiency while better equipping their organization to achieve a digital transformation.But hybrid cloud initiatives face challenges such as increased complexity, management of multiple technologies and the enablement of DevOps methodologies.Operations staff are overloaded dealing with persistently manual processes unplanned requests from development teams and the need to streamline cloud service ordering.To learn more about how other organizations have been successfully making the move to hybrid cloud download: “Embracing Digital Transformation” by Jeanne Morain.

Read Jeanne M. Morain’s “Embracing Digital Transformation” e-book

Cloud strategist Jeanne Morain provides prescriptive guidance using a practical five-phase approach for successfully navigating to the cloud. The templates, tools, and guidance are based on real-world implementation best-practices within Fortune 2000 companies.

(PDF 5.8 MB)

Read "The Journey to Hybrid Cloud" to plan your transformation

Written by a team of practitioners who have implemented hybrid cloud solutions at some of the world's largest enterprises, this book is a practical guide to achieving top results. It focuses on how to achieve the most appropriate cloud solution based on specific use cases and contains numerous examples of real-world scenarios, lessons learned, and best practices.

In a global survey of 531 IT professionals from April 2016, the respondents expressed the following about the move to hybrid cloud:

Source: Dimensional Research, "IT is Flying Blind in Hybrid Clouds," April 2016
  • stated that an integrated hybrid cloud management solution is needed

  • agree that end-to-end visibility is critical to operating a hybrid cloud

  • are considering containers

Read the Dimensional Research Report, “Hybrid Clouds: What the Business Is Asking For and IT Should Be Providing”

Learn more about the move to hybrid cloud when you download this free research report by Dimensional Research.

(PDF 806 KB)

What the Business Expects. What Ops Needs to Deliver.

  • Agility

    Accelerated, accurate delivery of services and applications

  • Choices

    Any cloud service, environment, or new technology

  • DevOps

    Continuous delivery for faster application release

It's Time for an End to End, Open, No-Limits Cloud Management Platform

HPE Hybrid Cloud Management brings together hybrid and multi-cloud operations with application pipeline automation and compliance into a single powerful cloud management platform.




NNIT moved to cloud-based services to improve delivery times and reduce costs by 80%.

(PDF 350 KB)

Automate your Multicloud Services with HPE

T-Systems maintains control while supporting all the different public, private and hybrid clouds needed by the business units. Watch this webinar to find out how they did it.

software/hybrid-cloud-orchestration-management | benefits | deliver

No-limits Cloud with Hybrid Cloud Management

With HPE Hybrid Cloud Management, you can increase the ROI from your key development investments by being able to place your workloads wherever they fit best, giving you the freedom to manage any type of app or workload in any cloud or traditional environment, and utilize the full spectrum of cloud languages and technologies.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Management

  • Improve IT agility, responsiveness and efficiency
  • Transform IT service delivery and accelerate innovation
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Enable DevOps and continuous delivery
  • Place workloads in any environment to maximize ROI

Deliver What the Business Needs - When It Needs It

  • Unify hybrid and multi-cloud management
  • Orchestrate your full spectrum of workloads and processes
  • Streamline cloud service compliance
  • Provide continuous delivery for your applications
  • Improve user experience with a unified cloud broker

Introducing Container Deployment Foundation and Hybrid Cloud Management

The future is now. Transforming to the digital enterprise requires simple, fast and innovative solutions. HPE is taking the lead with a new containerized solution that delivers a robust suite of capabilities and microservices, fast.  Providing rapid install & flexible deployment options through Shared Services, Content, and Repository to enable built-in scaling. Combined with agile delivery and predictable releases, Hybrid Cloud Management capabilities will expand with your demand, empowering your business growth. Read the blog post by Tom Goguen, GM/VP of ITOM, to learn more about the exciting innovations in the ITOM Suites.


  • Provision and manage any mix of cloud and on-premise resources

    • Show workload distribution across cloud providers and environments 
    • View service level compliance 
    • Manage multiple tenants, modify layout, and create custom widgets 


Provision and manage any mix of cloud and on-premise resources

• Show workload distribution across cloud providers and environments 
• View service level compliance 
• Manage multiple tenants, modify layout, and create custom widgets 


White Paper


The Business Value of HPE Cloud Service Automation Software

Solution Brief


Cloud Freedom Drives Business Freedom

Analyst Report


IT is Flying Blind in Hybrid Clouds


(PDF 806 KB)


Case Study

TechValidate: User Case Studies and Charts

Web Event


iSpeak Cloud: Embracing Digital Transformation

Analyst Report

451 Research: HPE simplifies hybrid cloud management with HCM suite

Web Event

Demo: Master any Cloud with Hybrid Cloud Management from HPE

Web Event

iSpeak DevOps: Containerizing your Apps for Cloud Deployments

Analyst report

451 Research: Enterprises Accelerating Adoption of Multi-Cloud Strategy

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